Easy Harvest Pruning

Workshops 2020


Grow your own fruit in even the smallest backyard! Timed pruning offers a revolutionary approach to fruit tree care, winter prune for shape and summer prune to keep trees small and easy. This talk covers fruit tree basics: the simple logic of pruning, how to prune for short stature and easy harvest, early training, seasonal routines, and pest and disease control. You’ll leave the workshop confident in new pruning skills and relieved to learn that you don’t need a degree in agriculture to manage a fruit tree.

Fruit Trees Demystified

March 7 - 10:00 am to noon

Delta Tree Farms

12900 North Lower Sacramento Road

Lodi, California 95242

This event is free of charge.

“This approach to pruning trees makes great sense for urban gardeners.”

“The most helpful pruning instruction I’ve ever received.”

Sunday, June 23, Kensington, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

“I loved your workshop!

The information, the clarity of your teaching style...all of it!”

“I was able to prune my young fruit trees without undue stress!

Great workshop!!”

“Ann is a terrific teacher.”     “...helpful and inspiring...”

“The workshop was fantastic, simple principles I can confidently use.”

“Thanks for the courage infusion.”

“The Meyer lemon and apple look great, now on to the fig.”