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“...a thrilling read for the backyard farmer...”

Publishers Weekly

A perfect, perfect compliment to more technical guides

and also a perfect boost of confidence. The author believes in you,

dear reader, and knows you can succeed.”

    —  Kate, on Amazon

San Francisco Chronicle

The New York Times Book Review

Huffington Post

“Beautiful and essential. Ann Ralph is your good-natured guide to the sometimes intimidating task of planting bare root fruit trees, thinning fruit, and that nail-biter of them all: pruning.”

     — Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer

“Ann Ralph argues her case for pruning with such deep knowledge, and wit, and obvious affection for fruit trees, that you cannot help but be converted. A delightful and useful book!”

     — Mike Madison, author of  Blithe Tomato


“This backyard fruit tree owner's manual should come with every fruit tree, or, better yet, get it while you are still deciding what trees to plant.”

     — Pam Pierce, author of Golden Gate Gardening